K. M. Kroski

I'm a web and mobile developer!

I am a full stack web developer based in Chicago. My focus is responsive front-end web applications and secure, robust back-end APIs. I have experience designing and building scalable REST and real-time server applications that are consumed by web applications, and Android and iOS apps. I have also constructed full-featured, AJAX-driven web applications that interface with public and private APIs.

In addition to my web experience, I have started learning iOS application development. Orignally, I started with Objective C, but Swift is quickly becoming my language of choice. So far, I've built a few apps that consume content APIs. I hope to move on to more complex and more interesting apps within the next few months.

I like to build amazing things!

When I encounter a new technology, I attempt to build some litte tool or game that uses the technology. This helps me to learn the tech and, in the future, I'll know better how to leverage it for whatever project I encounter. Reading docs works, but applying the technology build experience.

Many of these little projects are available on the Projects page. Some are tools that have helped me develop products while others are little games that are entertaing to develop. All of these projects have helped me continue my education.

If you have ideas or suggestions (or you would like to continue development) for these products, please contact me and let me know what you're thinking!

I'm always learning new and interesting stuff!

I've collected a variety of random links, thoughts and tools. Over the next few months, I'll be placing them on the Notes page. This page includes blog posts, tools and links that I've encountered. Some tools I have built, while others were found online. I hope this curated list will be useful.